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  • Statistics... ?!?!?!

    Hello everyone.

    I have been live for about 6 weeks now and still haven't gotten an order... I am not too conserned about it b/c this is just an on-the-side job and I am only slowing getting my name out there. Since I am not doing this full time, I am slowly "rolling it out." I am working to make the site more search engine friendly though. I have been monitoring my statistics and am not really sure what to make of them. I understand what they are saying, but I am not sure what is good and bad. For instance, Google has visited my site 43 times and viewed ~1150 pages in 6 weeks, good or bad? What do I need to be looking for and how can I interpret the stats to make changes to the site to improve it?

    I am currently submitting the site to directories and working with META tags to improve sprider crawling. I will soon start paying for web ads and forum ads, google ads, and other PPC search engines. That will probably be the best thing I can do for now, but I am not quite ready financially to spend a lot of money on advertising. If everything goes as planned financially, I can start spending a little money in a couple of weeks (I just started a "normal" job so I want to make sure everything is OK there before I spend money on ads for the site).

    The same goes for people visits. Of course I haven't had a lot of visitors b/c I am not being listed in most of the search engines yet, but any particular trends I need to be looking for?


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    I can't really answer your questions, but notice you didn't mention getting links from related sites. With your product line I would think there would be quite a few non-ecomerce informational sites that would link or exchange links with you. I know, one more thing to work on, but if you could find related sites that are not direct competitors it could be a real boost--and it's free. You may want to add informational articles on your site and/or link exchange with sites that are full of information. Good luck