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    Anyone have some advice for me. I'm looking for a software application that can keep track of my inventory which is sold both through the online store as well as my brick & mortar.

    I'd prefer something hosted if possible. It doesn't need a POS system, but if it has one, I could probably work with it.

    I imagine something hosted (so that each of my employees can access it through their own computer via the web), as they sell things in the brick & mortar store (or as stock comes in), they enter it manually into the system. Also, at the end of day (or realtime would be even better), anything sold by the online store is deducted from the inventory.

    I need something that gives me a better idea of what we are low on, what is selling, what hasn't sold in X amount of time, etc. Also, I need it to be fairly easy to use as two of the employees I'm going to want to use it are not all that computer literate (they aren't horrible, but they definately work better if it's very user friendly).

    Any ideas? Thoughts? Advice? For some reason, I thought I already asked this here, but I can't find a post/thread with this questions, so here I go.

    Thanks in advance for any replies!


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    I'm pretty sure Stone Edge Order Manager will do that for you, among MANY other things. Can't recommend it highly enough! :)


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      Yep, gotta say Stoneedge again. We use it to auto-sync back to 3Dcart. Works great.


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        thanks all...I'll have to look into it a bit more!



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          You can see example screens from the POS system that is available for the Stone Edge Order Manager in our Knowledge Base at:

          The system can maintain quantity on hand synchronization in close to real time with one or more 3dCarts.

          If you have any questions about it, or about our integration with 3dCart, I will be glad to answer them here or you can give us a call at 610-994-3699.

          Note that the Order Manager is not a hosted solution. It is designed to be run over a LAN (Local Area Network). We do not recommend a hosted POS solution because if there is ever a problem with your Internet connection, you don't want to have to tell walk-in customers that you can't take their order or you have to write it up on a piece of paper!


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            Thanks for the response Barney. But like I said, the POS is not really important...but if it was required as part of an application, I'd be okay with it. I'm more interested in order management, inventory, customer management. Basically, I'd like to find one application that does:

            -Inventory management for both my online store and brick & mortar. Something that will warn me when we are low on an item, let me know what is a hot seller, how long it's been sitting on the shelves, ect.
            -is accessible from each employees computer (hence the desire for hosted since I don't have a server that we are all networked to).
            -Order manager that keeps track of the status of orders, both placed online and in our B&M store. Our products require a great deal of customization and have many different "pieces and parts" and because of that, I need a large place to make notes about the order so if a customer calls, we can give them reliable information.
            -CRM - I don't need lead management or forecasting, I just want the ability to keep track of my customers, what they bought, when they bought, and misc. other notes on them.

            Do you still think I should look into StoneEdge? I'm okay with it not being hosted...but if it were, I'd be more inclined. I'm afraid of what kind of investment I'd need to get all our computers networked to a main LAN Server (plus I don't have a clue how to do it myself so I'd need lots of help there).

            Basically, I'm in a frustrating spot...want a new software application but wish it were something that was more "plug & play" in my particular environment, which isn't really networked.

            Hope that clarifies things a little.



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              FWIW, I think StoneEdge is still pretty good for what you want.

              I also don't understand how you would ever get real time inventory on a website and in B&M store *without* a POS system at the B&M store. How would sales from the store get accounted for and deducted from the master inventory?

              It almost sounds like you should start with a POS system that connects to your website. I think QB POS has this functionality now, but I am not sure.

              Anyway, my advice is to shoot high when buying technology like software. We have had explosive growth since 2006, taking over another company and a won large national contract. In late 2006, we invested in StoneEdge, which was a huge nut to crack for us at the time.

              But, when we started with more events with our track side store, Stone Edge POS was there and absorbed the business with no heartache.

              When our web sales went from a few hundred month to a few hundred a week, SE was there.

              This past September and October, where we serviced two large events and sold 4-5000 items over two 8 day periods, SE was there on both the POS side and back at the home office.

              We just upgraded to Enterprise, which once again was a $4k hit that is hard to ponder in the off season (we sell racing related stuff) But, even with the economy, I feel confident that the investment will pay off next year when we start servicing another national contract.

              In all this growth, I don't have to worry about capacity on the back end knowing that we are poised for success already.

              You can substitute any other software for Stone Edge in the above, but my point is that when the growth comes, do you want to spend time worrying about selling the products or ringing up the sales?

              EDIT: StoneEdge does not require a network and can operate on one computer. Also, if you need the network, it is EXTREMELY easy to set up and it should be easy/cheap to find someone to do so.

              HTH, IMO, etc,



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                Matt -

                As Dave said, the only way to keep your inventory in synch will be to have a POS system that shares data with an order management system. And you do not need a sophisticated network to use the Stone Edge Order Manager. A simple "peer to peer" network, with one computer acting as a "file server" is all you need. If your current computers are wired together to share an Internet connection, that may be good enough. The file server just fills the roll of a shared disk drive. It should be running Windows XP Pro (not XP Home, although that is OK for the other computers), or one of the server versions of Windows. If you give Dell a call, I'm sure they can set you up with one at a reasonable price. Note that it does have to be a wired network; wireless is too slow to be practical for this.

                If you want more information, please feel free to give us a call.


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                  Hey Barry,
                  do you still have that sale? or can you extend it or will it come back soon?
                  I want SE but have been too swamped with pre-launch issues. Is SE signicantly harder to integrate after my site goes live or can I wait till after I go live in a few days?


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                    Steve -

                    Sorry, the sale is over, and we do not plan another one this year.

                    And no, it is not significantly harder to integrate the Order Manager with your site later on (although, of course, we think it is better to do it sooner!). Most new Order Manager users come to us when they are already in business, and spending too much time trying to keep up with their orders, customer support, etc.