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how do product fields map to Quickbooks?

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  • how do product fields map to Quickbooks?

    I'm new to 3DCart, still setting up, have not gone live yet, and want to make sure I set up my product data so it will import correctly to Quickbooks. (And just to complicate things, I am also new to using Quickbooks - nothing like taking on lots of big projects at one time!).

    I am working on testing the Quickbooks plug-in (can't load it, but am working with support folks on that problem), so once I get into it, that may answer this question. Meanwhile, I'm hoping someone in this forum may be able to help me.

    Can anyone who is using the Quickbooks plug-in tell me which 3DCart product fields map to which fields in Quickbooks? Does it match on the 3DCart catalog ID, or ID/SKU, or Product Name, or something else, and which field(s) in Quickbooks does it match that against? I'm guessing it matches to Quickbooks' Item Name/Number field?

    Also, does it matter how I have the products nested on either end? For example, say in my 3DCart data, it is set up as Category A/Subcategory A-1, Subcategory A-1-b/Product XYZ, but in Quickbooks it might be Category A/Product XYZ - will this matter?


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    Well, I think I solved my own problem - I finally got the plug-in configured, and have imported/exported some sample product data, so I think I've answered my own question - thanks!