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    Ok, so I've read many of the threads, but I'm not seeing my particular situation addressed. We sell cloth diaper and related products and size and color are standard options for each product. We use the dropdown option method for each. I have all of my products set up in the 3dcart website... getting ready to sync with QB. I ordered the plugin for QB and while I appreciate everyone's enthusiasm for the product, I'm not on board yet, here's where I'm stuck.

    Issue 1 - In the initial settings, I was able to only select 1 Sales account and 1 Inventory Asset account, however, I have 10 of each... this is to allow better QB reporting for Sales and Inventory by product. Do I need to go into QB after I export from the plugin to QB and edit each Sales/Asset account?

    Issue 2 - After I selected the website products into the plugin, it says that I have 66, it is only selecting the MAIN products and not the options. In reality, with size and color options, we have 10x as many offerings. Now I understand they are subsets of the MAIN product, but how do I get them to show up in the plugin so I can export to QB?? Am I missing something simple?

    General question... once the above issues are resolved and the website and QB are aligned, do I then run every transaction thru the website? I sell online and in our home showroom. I'm sure the answer is "no", that u can simply drive an order thru QB and then upload that back to the website to adjust the inventory, but I'm looking for some personal experience and preference from those on the board that are in a similar situation... how do u handle it?

    Thanks in advance for any assistance, thoughts, feedback, etc....


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    Hi Mike,

    Just wondering if you ever received an answer to your question? I would like to use the QB plugin, but we have so many products with multiple advanced options, I have been hesitant to try it (especially going into the holiday season).