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    Not sure if this belongs here or in "general configuration", but a couple questions about live chat. I haven't signed up for it yet (so I haven't seen the software), but I do plan on it and am just going over a strategy.

    1. I noticed that there are two images you can put up, one when you are online and one when you are offline. Is there an option/setting that when you are offline, the icon disappears completely? Is this something anyone has done/considered?

    2. In your opinion, where is the best place for a "Live Chat" icon: Top middle, left margin, right margin? I know it depends on the website and it's design, but just wanted to hear some thoughts.


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    The live chat that 3d uses is very similar to what provide support offers on their website. You might be able to learn more on their website.

    For our business, we haven't had a lot of customers take advantage of the live chat no matter where I put it.

    Most marketers will tell you that the "above the fold" of the page is the part that most visitors will see whether they bounce off your site or not.