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SEOM credit card terminal no longer working

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  • SEOM credit card terminal no longer working

    Has anyone else experienced a problem with the cc terminal in SEOM? Mine has worked without a hitch for a couple of years, and all of a sudden it no longer works! I submitted a ticket, but 3d says everything is OK on their end--I can't imagine it would be a problem with SEOM since I haven't done any updating for many months.

    I use PayFlow Pro, and I can go to the PayPal Manager and do returns/sales manually, I just can't do it with the cc terminal. Can anyone advise as to any settings that I need to check on SEOM?

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    Could it be a problem with Payflow Pro? It doesn't seem like there could be another option.

    The only other thing I can think of is that something on your end- the ISP, etc- is stopping the data from leaving. If THEIR security settings changed, this could stop encrypted data from going across.


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      If you are using the Order Manager's old Payflow Pro interface (where you had to install Payflow software on each computer), that interface is no longer supported by PayPal. You will have to switch to the new interface. For details, see the Stone Edge Knowledge Base article at:


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        I'm sending you a big cyber smooch for that one, Barney! Not sure how I missed it, but it fixed the problem right away--been trying for 2 weeks on my own!

        Thanks again!


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          I'm not completely sure, but I don't think Barney is into that!

          I'll ask him for ya next IRCE


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            Ha! Sometimes a girl just gets so excited! :)