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Clicktale Integration Problem - Amazing software though

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  • Clicktale Integration Problem - Amazing software though


    We have recently integrated a new 3rd party software called 'ClickTale' on our online store.

    Although 'ClickTale' is a great piece of software that records the customers' interactions on our website and enables us to view the videos of the customers' movements and interactions on the website, thereby helping us immensly to identify the areas on our website where the users are having problems and fix it, I am currently having a problem while integrating it on 3d cart.

    I am able to retrieve all the recordings of the users' interactions on all the product pages of our website but once the user reaches the checkout steps, I am not able to retrieve those recordings despite following all the instructions and implementing the appropriate code.

    I just wanted to check if anybody else has had the same problem and thereby provide me with a solution for it.

    Thank you.