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Stone Edge versus Mail Order Manager

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  • Stone Edge versus Mail Order Manager

    We are just about sold on Stone Edge and plan to take advantage of the birthday savings. But, has anyone used Mail Order Manager and Stone Edge so as to compare/contrast? If you switched from one or the other, why did you switch? If you use one or the other, what do you LOVE about it or what do you HATE about it. Have you gotten good technical support when you needed it?

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    Stone Edge


    I wish I had seen this message, and the other message about the discount on Stone Edge sooner.

    Anyway, I was a MOM user. We ditched MOM a few years back and switched to a hosted solution, which was cool but in the end was way to expensive. I moved my store to 3Dcart and have been very happy with the cart.

    But, my order solutions left a lot to be desired. We are a Mac house, we had the one windows machine to run MOM and I was done with the platform. But, finding a Mac based inventory and order processing manager that does what we wanted it to ws difficult, expensive and, possibly, impossible.

    So, I bought a new HP computer and broke down and went back to MOM. Big mistake. Reconfiguring MOM I re-discovered why I hated it so much. Expensive, pokey, buggy, I was having a hard time getting it to except my order imports.

    So, I gave Stone Edge a try just recently. I am still trying to get it configured but I cal already tell you that their support is 100% more responsive and helpful than MOM's support. They get my problems solved very quickly.

    I wish I had seen the note about the 10% off offer sooner. I would have used it for sure.

    But, yeah, tale it from me, Stone Edge does more for your money. The only thing I can say I wish it would do right now is consignment or vendor managed sales. But, small thing.

    Dan Vado