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  • Quickbooks Plugin Development

    Wondering if the Quickbooks plugin can be adapted to work with a different unit of measurements.

    We're a wholesaler specializing in B2B sales, however, in QB our UOM is 1 piece because we track loss, send samples, and generally keep track of our inventory by piece. On our website we only sell by case though. I'd like to be able to use the plugin to add the new items from Quickbooks and change the status of items out of stock to "backordered" but I'm not sure this is possible.

    I thought I could run the synch with inventory control turned on, then turn it off after the sync. We have a number of items that can be substituted if we're out of something, but the plugin seems fairly basic. Just wondering if anyone else has come across something similar and found a work around.

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    Windows 7

    Also if there's an update in the works for a Windows 7 version of the plugin.


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      We've used it on Windows 7 and it worked fine. We just need more customization as to how our orders import into Qbooks than the plugin allows. Does anyone know if 3dcart has any plans to add the credit card type field, shipping method field, class field, and be able to bring all customers in under a single customer name? If it would do these few additional things, we could use it instead of Atandra T-hub