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Shipworks and TrueShip?

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  • Shipworks and TrueShip?

    Anyone use these with 3dCart? I'd like to hear pros and cons and what you think of them? Right now I use Endicia and a Mac and ShipWorks works only on PC but I can use the PC emulator to run it....
    Pat Cotter

    The Preemie Store

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    We use ShipWorks, and like it a lot. We couldn't run our business without it. Our only real complaint is that v2.x can be quite slow switching between stores. (We have 3dcart, Amazon, and eBay stores.) Version 3.x is in alpha now, and should be released within my lifetime. :)

    We worked extensively with Jimmy to get the ShipWorks integration working properly, so hopefully most (or all) of the bugs have already been worked out between ShipWorks and 3dcart.

    We tried TrueShip, but couldn't get it to run with our virtualization platform.
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      Hi Pat, Just FYI, Ordoro is an alternative solution for shipping label printing for 3dcart. And it is 100% web-based. So works great on a mac. (I am a mac user myself). I totally understand why virtualization route can be very painful for something like this.

      Our integration with 3dcart is a two-way integration. Means that Ordoro will automatically write-back the tracking numbers into the 3dcart order. And when 3dcart sends our the shipping confirmation email, the tracking numbers are automatically included in there. Ordoro can print shipping labels via Fedex, UPS and USPS (Endicia). I suggest you give the free trial a shot.