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What shopping engine plugins do you use?

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  • What shopping engine plugins do you use?

    Which shopping engine plugins are people using? Currently we are using the froogle plugin and get pretty much 90% of our traffic from there. Which shopping engines do you get the most bang from your buck? or time? Froogle is great because of the cost, but we now have enough product up that we can justify spending some time on shopping engine optimization/advertising (CPC et al)

    Also, are different sites better for different types of items (e.g. consumer vs. business, high-tech vs. craft/hobby)?



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    I'll try again. Anyone using Nextag, Shopzilla, or Pricegrabber? Can you describe your experience? Has any of them been worthwhile vs building links, etc?




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      what works for us

      We have been using Google ppc (has some cost) but we have a good margin on return when someone buys our products so we easily compensate the expense with the exposure.

      Of course we are always looking for other means to generate sales...I find our product is unique enough, just letting someone know it exists generates sales, hence the largest serch engine.

      I am thinking about having someone manage our site on SEO and such to become better pageranked and better exposure to try to eliminate some of the ppc costs, but that also bears costs so which is better...I am not sure.

      As for the others, - price grabber, they are ppc as well dependant on your items would determine if you should use them. Ex. on electronics, you type in a particular item and it shows on those sites with a best value price on as a consumer, I would probably look for the best price and make the purchase as it is all the same product. Is that a good way to spend ppc dollars, I personally do not think so unless your prices are simply unbeatable.

      Well, I hope I put something into this that makes sense and can help you...GOOD LUCK


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        What we've done

        We did froogle in last Oct and our sales went up 3x....with almost all new traffic from there. During November, we signed up for pricegrabber, shopzilla, and yahoo.......during the holiday season this costs serveral thousand dollars, BUT it was well worth it as our holiday sales were up 12x the previous year! We ran at about a 10% cost for the ppc costs / sales.

        Since the holidays, we've continued with all of them. Obviously the volume from the holidays is down (we're a baseball store in Cooperstown), but for Jan, Feb, Mar we're still running about 8x last year. However our ppc cost ratio is at about 20% now.

        We started with last week and are very impressed with the results so far.

        Google Adwords was a disaster for us.



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          We're doing froogle. We did nextag for a while but the costs for little sales made it a money loser. I'm not sure if we've had any sells from froogle. Most come from google searches and google adwords.



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            I have attempted many different adwords, froogle, shopzilla and a few others more concentrated to our field. At anyrate, we get 90% of our business from Shopzilla. Froogle did very little for us, and google adwords just seemed to cost a ton of money with little in return.