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  • elayaway??

    Is anyone using eLayaway?

    How does this work for you. Do you have to hold inventory for these orders? For instance if a customer orders something and then want to take 13 months to pay do you have to hold that inventory for 13 months? That is a long time to have inventory tied up. Is there a way to add a fee for this service? It's like we are loaning them money by having the inventory tied up for that long rather than turning it. If it is a hot item it could turn several times a month or even in that year the layaway is being paid.

    This could lead to lots of money being tied up in layaway's.

    Can sales promotions be excluded from elayaway?

    Thanks for any help anyone is willing to offer.


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    I'd be interested in knowing the answers to these questions as well.


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      Hi Ken,

      We apologize for the delayed response, we just came across all of your GREAT questions!

      In regards to inventory holding, we do not require that you hold the items - that part is completely up to your discretion. In the event that you cannot supply the item upon completion, you will be given the option to present the consumer with an alternative item. If the alternative is not desired by the consumer, we issue them back a full refund of all funds that were collected for their purchase.

      As a merchant, you set the maximum length of your layaway program. Utilizing this strategy can help mitigate the issue of not being able to supply certain items upon completion. Depending on your business, you may decide it is better suited to only allow a maximum of four payments (over three months). That way, you can adequately forecast future sales to your supplier.

      Due to the integration methods used to enable eLayaway for 3DCart merchants, sales promotions cannot be excluded. That is something that we are working to address in future iterations of eLayaway.

      Please let us know if you have any further questions or concerns regarding the eLayaway Process or service. We are happy to help in any way that we can! :)


      The eLayaway Merchant Relations Team
      (877) 352-9292, M-F 9AM-8PM EST


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        Ken, do you have a web site we can go to which has more information about your service?


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          P, I think this is the site your looking for.

          eLayaway: The Layaway Experts! - eLayaway Homepage
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