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    I'm about to tear my hair out! I'm trying to print the simplest label ever--all I want on it is the SKU! Nothing else--no barcode, nothing! I've wasted 2 rolls of Dymo 30330 labels that are 3/4" x 2" in size trying to figure this out, and I just give up. No matter what I do, it always prints out 1 label with the sku and 3 blank labels after it.

    I tried using one of the standard templates and "no" for visibility on all fields except SKU, and the print preview looks fine. However, when printing I'll get anywhere from 1 to 12 blank labels depending on the template.

    Printer is set to Dymo, paper is set to 30330--just can't get it.

    I know this is simple and I feel really stupid, but if anyone can help me, I would greatly appreciate it!

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    Sorry, I'm unable to help because we don't use Dymo printers. :( Plus, I'm not real good with Access reports. You should probably give Stone Edge a call and have customer support assist you.


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      Or post in the stone edge forums. The call may cost you...


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        Don't bother asking StoneEdge for help with that. They don't think setting their software up to work on printers is their problem.
        We were not able to set up a Zebra printer either and they were of no help. They will send you to Zebra tech support, and have you run in circles.
        It would seem that for a software like that it would come pre-configured for standard labels and label printers. Not!


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          Zebra Printers once they are working are great! I had a lot of headaches with their drivers and spent way too much time on this. They make a different printer for use with UPS, than for other programs. And they have different drivers for UPS than other programs. And sometimes you need to update the firmware to get it to work properly.


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            Actually, my Zebra works great. It's this silly little Dymo printer that is giving me fits, just trying to print a little 2" x 3/4" return address sized label with the SKU on it.

            FYI, I was told that just using the "backup" button on SEOM would save all of the settings needed in case of computer failure. I did that religiously each day, and even backed that up off-site. When my computer crashed, however, my custom reports were not saved! For some reason that file wasn't included in the backup, so while I do have all of my data files and email templates, my custom reports are gone--thus this problem. The barcode custom report that was formatted for using this simple little printer is not there so I have to figure out how I made it work last time. Have used it for a couple of years with no issues at all, and now it just won't print correctly. I'm throwing in the towel and just printing them manually now--that stinks!

            Moral of the story, make sure your custom reports get backed up and placed in your datafile!


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              Originally posted by rrw View Post
              Moral of the story, make sure your custom reports get backed up and placed in your datafile!
              Yeah, unfortunately, I learned the hard way about the Custom Reports file too. Same sort of scenario, had an issue with my hard drive, but didn't have a good backup of that file. Believe me, I don't ever want to make that mistake again!


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                Sounds like we need to back up the Custom Reports database too when you tell the Order Manager to back up your data file. I will have someone look into that.


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                  Hey Barney, that would be great! I do have a file there now, but I have to manually add it after I change any of the reports. To have it automated within the datafile backup would be wonderful!

                  By the way, I had another issue that required assistance from tech support this morning, and after we finished up on that I asked for help on this printing issue. I didn't feel so stupid when the person helping me was unable to figure it out either! :) He finally discovered that we had to move the margins because the system assumed my report was too wide for the paper (even though I swear I tried that already). Works great now! Really do commend the tech support folks at SEOM--they responded very quickly and helped me clear things up with lots of patience!