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Help QuickBooks import Payments show unpaid

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  • Help QuickBooks import Payments show unpaid

    Hello - I have the Quickbooks module and running as our cc gateway.

    Orders from 3dCart are imported into Quickbooks, client data and sales and sales tax all import fine. Here's my problem. When the data is imported into Quickbooks an invoice (or sales receipt) is created , but payment is not applied. Even though a successful order is generated and cc payment applied in 3dCart (credit card approved via 3dCart/Authorize) on the Quickbooks end, all invoice are now 'past due'.

    What is the solution to apply/import payments in Quickbooks? We have 25-100 orders per day and does not make sense for us to manually open up and apply payment to each invoice in Quickbooks.


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    Ever get an answer to this?

    We have a similar issue with a twist...paypal does all our processing and some of our business takes place outside of 3dcart. Besides downloading 3dcart data via the plugin, we also connected QB to paypal and now all the transactions are duplicated.

    We just started setting up QB so this is all new.


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      When we import from 3dCart into Quickbooks, we use sales receipts and not invoices. Since it is a receipt and not an invoice, QB automatically knows that it has been paid.

      We also use Paypal as our gateway, and had to stop importing the Paypal data as well because it did duplicate all of the payments. We never found a good solution for this issue, but would sure love to know if anyone else has a better way to coordinate these. For now, what we do is journal in all of the Paypal fees as a monthly lump sum instead of per transaction. A bit of a pain, but it was better than having all of the payments be received twice.
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