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  • Stoneedge - Status changes and tracking info

    Anyone know how to sync the shipping status and tracking information when using custom shipping methods on 3d?

    We seem to be unable for order status changed to Shipped on Stoneedge to change the order status on 3d to change to Shipped as well. (We use Quickship screen to print our Endicia labels if that matters.)

    On import there isn't an issue and New orders change to Processing on our site as intended.

    We have also been unable to manully enter tracking numbers, because we do not use real-time shipping and there is no Ship Via indicator. Manually entering tracking number and date shipped takes customers to a tracking error screen when they click the tracking link..

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    In Stone Edge under 'Set Status Events' we have the event 'Order Add Tracking Number'. For this event we have both Item Status and Order Status set to 'Shipped', and the Notify Cart box checked.

    When we run 'Process Tracking Numbers' in Stone Edge each shipped order is then automatically updated with tracking information, shipping cost, and the order status is set to shipped within Stone Edge. As part of this process an update is also sent to 3dcart and the order status is changed to shipped. The tracking number and ship date is also added to the order in 3dcart.

    We do not have to manually enter any tracking numbers. We use the Stone Edge 'Pack & Ship' and the internal shipping module for UPS, FedEx, and also the interface for Endicia Dazzle to process USPS.

    Hope this helps, let me know if you have any questions.