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Stone Edge User question re: QOH synchonization

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  • Stone Edge User question re: QOH synchonization

    I haven't had to use the shopping cart function to synchronize my QOH from the SEOM store to my web site in a while, and for some reason I cannot get it to work--I've used it in the past (many times) without issues.

    The problem is that I keep getting a time out error! I do uploads all the time with order status updates, stack controller, etc. and have no issue at all, so I know it isn't a connection problem. It will start off with a notice that it is "collecting and sending 5518 items to website . . . " then it hangs for a while, finally displaying the message:

    "http error: 12002-Error_Internet_timeout, cannot perform internet operation for Send QOH (2)! The request has timed out."

    I even lowered the "maximum number of items per send" to 1, and it still won't work. Anyone have any ideas???

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    Nevermind--it was a router issue. Guess those things really do have a life expectancy, who knew? Replaced it and able to upload without a problem. :)