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Fulfillment services whats worked for you?

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  • Fulfillment services whats worked for you?

    Hi guys I am not a big store maybe 10 orders a day, but I want to use a fulfillment service. Anyone have any personal recommendations. Obviously cost is always an issue. But I am willing to pay the setup costs for a quality service.

    Looking forward to any responses.

    I am not interested in Amazon because they charge the sale fee on the product sold.

    Also are there any service that will accept a shipment directly from my supplier if they receive the shipping tracking code and list of UPC codes?

    That would save me additional costs.
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    WeFulFillIt is great

    I've been really happy with the quality of services I've received from WeFulFillIt. They are always on the ball, very few mistakes, reasonable prices and personable people.

    We import olive oil and balsamic vinegar from Italy and sell it via 3dcart and WeFulFillIt. We ship directly from Italy to their facility and they warehouse it and send it out from there for us.

    The only complaint I have is the integration between 3dCart and WeFulFillIt could be better.



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      We've been extremely happy with the personalized fulfillment service we've received at FulfillRite Fulfillment. They are available 9-5pm on the phone and have great prices.

      We sell health supplements using the 3dcart platform and use FulfillRite to ship our orders. We ship directly from our suppliers warehouse in IL to there warehouse in NJ.

      And the "3dcart fulfillment integration" from 3dCart to FulfillRite works amazingly seamless and directly!

      Good Luck,