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  • Status Update Problems SEOM

    Since last week sometime we have been having trouble with status updating from SEOM to 3dcart for the Shipped Status. This problem seems to only be occurring with orders shipped Fedex and not ones shipped USPS. We haven't changed anything in our status update list prior to this occurring. Has anyone else seen this issue? We are using SEOM v.5.92
    If no issue, what are your status update settings for shipped status update to store?

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    Make sure the status change in SE occurs with "Order Add Tracking Number" and that NO other "events" change the "item status" or "order status" to shipped, such as dates.

    In the above example, if anything trips the item/order event in SE to shipped before a track # is added it will not notify 3dcart.


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      Thanks for the info. I think that was the problem. We went through and looked at all our status' and we had several updating the order to shipped.