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Stone Edge Order Manager - Wholesale cost and custom fields

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  • Stone Edge Order Manager - Wholesale cost and custom fields

    Anyone else using SEOM? I am trying to get the inventory sync from 3DCart working. Two problems I have noticed are that the wholesale cost is not being imported, nor are any custom fields.

    I checked the raw XML file that SEOM is importing and cost is being sent, but custom fields are not... so this appears to be a little bit of StoneEdge's problem and a little bit of 3DCart's problem. However I am not on the latest version on SEOM (i am on 5.922). Any other 3DC+SEOM users have insight?

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    SEOM DOES NOT import cost information from any cart. That is the way it was designed. If you need cost info in SE, you have to add it there.
    We usually create a master import sheet for new products with both SE and 3d columns. Then we copy and paste it (special paste/value only) into two sheets labeled 3d and SE. We remove columns that do not apply to each, save as CSVs, and do two imports, one into SE and one into 3dcart.
    I am not sure what you mean by custom fields?? However, again SEOM only imports Basic product info by design.
    3d Order questions may be imported using SE custom fields (see SE Knowledge Base), however SE custom fields only work in the Orders module, not in Inventory.


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      Thanks for the info. I assumed that SEOM would import as much data from the cart as the cart would throw at it. My 3DCart inventory is populated automatically by extensive custom coding, so doing a separate manual import to SEOM is a bit of a hassle.

      By extra fields I meant the custom fields 1-10 that can apply to any product. But clearly if SEOM doesn't even want detail above the most basic level then those would not apply.


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        It would not be hard to do an export from 3dcart, change id to SKU, and do an Update Only import into SE for cost, description, size etc.. The problem is that there is no space in SE for the Extra fields 1-10.


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          I will play around with doing a text file import.

          SEOM does allow you to create custom fields for inventory/product records. See:

          Advanced Custom Fields
          Configuring Custom Fields


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            My bad! Did not know that was available.