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Finally Decided on a Shipping Software Plugin

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  • Finally Decided on a Shipping Software Plugin

    OK - spent a couple of weeks trying out various plugins with shipping software to intregrate our store a bit more. Have been using Worldship and QBooks for a number of years and copying and pasting tracking info back into 3dcart had to go.

    Tested out Ordercup - ok program - didn't post back tracking info which was our main reason to get a program.

    Shipworks - good program however address validation for UPS shipments went through UPS - this isn't good. Need shipping program that ran all addresses through the post office. Why? Both UPS and Fedex only validate down to street level, not apt or suite numbers. Ran a few shipments through without the apt. numbers and program printed up UPS labels without warning me that addresses were not complete - this is a huge issue since that would be a $11.00 charge for each address correction fee from UPS.

    Trueship - liked the program however - tracking info was not posting back to 3dart - after a week plus was told I could do a .CSV file and no one could figure out why - this is no good as well.

    So tried Shipstation. Great program and had same issue with tracking info not posting back. Finally 3dcart was able to work with me and figured out that invoice numbers NEED a "-" in the prefix part for 3dcart software program to intregrate with plugins. James at Shipstation was all over it as he gave me the info 3dcart requested right away and we resolved why my cart was not intregrating well with plugins. This also would have fixed the issue with Trueship; however, James was the one at Shipstation that helped me out immediately.

    I've up and running with Shipstation and it's working out great! I just needed an easy to learn program to intregrate as we ship about 50 orders per day. Didn't need a ton of bells and whistles and Shipstation was easy to learn for us.

    If you are looking for a shipping software plugin - consider Shipstation as now I can stop using our account since Endicia is included. They also have Express1 for USPS that you can use as well for shipments under 3 pounds which is a bit better than Endicia as far as savings.

    I can also save money as I have some various plugins with Worldship that I no longer will need.

    I hope this helps everyone who is out there searching how to intregrate their shopping cart and make life a little easier when we are all scrambling every day!

    Raw Honey, Raw Honey and Bee Hive Products from Ohio

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    Not familiar with Shipstation but we've been using shipworks for eight years and they just integrated with Smartpost. The will Deliveries take an extra day but we are seeing savings of approximately 20% over FedEx and UPS using this method