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  • Release notes April 2012

    being a lover of new toys even if they don't have two wheels big motors I'm always excited to see new software that may benefit our e-commerce efforts

    Here is what I found out so far

    AddShoppers - Took nine tickets to get up and running because not everything is clear especially the Pinterest button. four days into it and yesterday it (the software) took credit for three sales. Unfortunately they were from someone named anonymous and the sale amounts had no relationship to the products it claims to have helped share. Ticket 10 is open and I await the reply.

    LexityLive - The moment I click the store import button my store was locked up. I stopped the import and then began to run it at two o'clock this morning testing to make sure it wasn't brutalizing the site too much which it was not. Unfortunately when I got up at 830 this morning import was still running - awaiting response for ticket two

    Re: 412-i008 Admin - Aviary

    Obviously the name caught my eye plus I have slightly different versions of editing software on six computers which can be a bit mindnumbing. So of course I deployed or tried to. The page on their website providing an API went to a 404 error- support sent me to the page with the API which I then installed in-store modules in the admin panel but the software failed to materialize on the images tab - awaiting for response (3) from support

    Am I the only one having these issues?

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    I looked at Lexity Live, and it looks promising. However unless you sign up for one of the advanced packaging, you will be basically providing them with your keywords that convert to offer to any competitor that signs up with them. Free real live market research (for them). Correct me if I am just paranoid.

    I would like to hear about their adwords service and if it is worth the 15% markup?
    Ad shopper looks interesting, however I tried the Customer Side interface and it is a bit confusing. I will keep watching it
    ReferralCandy, is promising and I might give it a try
    Smart Feed has much better pricing than Godatafeed, however they do not offer Amazon ads, which we use. They say they are working on adding new channels. I like their pricing on the Amazon Listings feature. I think I will be saying goodby to Godatafeed as soon as Smart Feed ads Amazon ads.
    Has anyone implemented the New Paypal Payments Advanced? Any feedback??


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      Lexity Live - I'm still waiting to hear back about the important issue - is for the keywords - providing proprietary information to competitors would be the death knell of any company. Conversely the information is freely available on the web through software programs such as Spyfu

      I don't think adwords can be automated. 15% is reasonable many companies charge 20%. I just signed up for 3-dcarts AdWords service at 15%

      America do anything me on AdWords right now so ReferralCandy, will be on the back burner for us.

      We use Godatafeed. Smart feed although cheaper doesn't feed our main affiliate program. We also use Amazon ads but I'm not seeing a lot of traction with them.

      Don't know anything about the new PayPal payments advanced not sure what benefit it would have over the current PayPal system


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        Paypal advanced is supposed to leave your shopper on your site during checkout process
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          New toys are nice but it would be really nice if they'd take a break from figuring out how to add stuff that costs us more money and instead fix a bunch of stuff that has been asked for since 2010 or earlier.

          For instance:
          -shipping method by product (or vendor, or...etc) which they took OFF the public "to do" list when they said it was getting done and that was the last we heard of it. There are multiple threads in the forums about it but no response.

          -having promotions like free shipping calculate AFTER discounts are taken - a HUGE bug, just left hanging, no response.

          -free shipping promotions not being able to negate out shipping charges assigned at a product level (which according to 3dcart, isn't actually a shipping charge). This should be a check box.

          -mobile site infinite loop when trying to visit full site from mobile browser.

          -google product feed that actually works.

          -the list goes on and on...

          I mostly gave up commenting on these threads and putting stuff on that stupid User Voice site (closed to comments by the way) a while back after it became clear that nothing of value was coming out of it (really, users can only submit or vote on 10 things??! - so very user friendly). But seeing these Release Notes got my hackles up. YEARS waiting for fundamental fixes on things and this is the stuff they choose to work on. Beyond frustrating.

          This platform could be so much more and so much better than it is (we know they're capable of it because it's GOOD now) if they would actually pay attention to what doesn't work and what should work better instead of looking for more junk to add to their "features" list that is outside of the core cart which at the moment, and for the at least the last 3 years, doesn't do a number of very important things very well at all.


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            PayPal Checkout

            Originally posted by Toobusy View Post
            Paypal advanced is supposed to leave your shopper on your site during checkout process
            Doesn't PayPal Payments Pro do that already? I use Payments Pro my customers stay on my site while checking out.