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Tracking numbers from Stone Edge Order Manager

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  • Tracking numbers from Stone Edge Order Manager

    Has anyone been able to configure SEOM to send tracking numbers back to 3DCart? Status updates seem to be working fine in that SEOM will change the order to partial/canceled/shipped at appropriate times, but the tracking number never sees to be sent. See for a thread about the status update settings from last year.

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    It's hit or miss for me. Sometimes they update correctly, other times they are missing. I'd say about 75% of the time the tracking number is included, 25% they are not. Can't figure it out at all, so I gave up. Customer gets the tracking number via the carrier. Sad that this can't be figured out.


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      Our SEOM updates the tracking numbers on 3dcart with no problems. I tried to look and see if there are any special settings, but I do not see any. It just seems to happen automatically.
      Look in your stack controller in the error log and see if anything is out of sorts. Usually to see the details of the error, you need to catch it in the main screen while the system is re-trying, and look at the "long data" field. Once it gets marked as an error, the details are gone.


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        elightbox, would you mind posting the settings you have in SEOM for order status updates? It's under Setup Wizard > Order Status System > Page 2.


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          Have you contacted SE support about this?

          Both times I have broken my Tracking Numbers, they fixed it in 2 minutes. IIRC, I had more than one item on the status list setting the status to "Shipped", which confuses SEOM and it doesn't send tracking to the cart.

          I only have 2 status, new, processing and shipped. Drop ship ordered, drop ship cancelled, order import, order unnaprove and order uncancel all set to processing. Order Add Tracking number sets to shipped.




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            Cbsteven, I will in the morning when I am back at my desk.


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              here are the images of our Status Events page. Two images, since the darn SE screens are made for circa 1960 computers.
              Note that we added a few custom status events to 3dcart Orders>Edit Status
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                SEOM "Status Update" update.

                We had to change our settings to mark orders as Processing on 3dcart upon Approval in SE, and not upon Import.
                SE will import CBA orders while they are still in the Unpaid status, and changing the status to Processing messed up the 3dcart status updates from Amazon.

                When we made the change, the SE>3dcart updates stopped working.

                Stoned Edge support was helpful in diagnosing the problem which was that orders were marked in SE as processing upon import, even though the "send to cart" box was un-checked. Then when we we approved the order, the status did not change in SE because the order was already marked as Processing, so it did not trigger a web site update.

                Removing "Processing" from the field in front of Order Import on the Status Update screen solved the problem.

                The jest of this long story, is that the order status needs to change in SE to trigger a web site update.
                Make sure that the status update to be sent to the web site is not circumvented by marking the order with the same status earlier in the order approval process.


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                  Ever since June 15th, my order status' on 3Dcart have not been updating from SEOM.

                  This is happening on two sites that I have that are running off of the same SEOM file, and I haven't made any changes to any settings in SEOM.

                  Is anyone else running into this problem?

                  Has something changed with regard to how 3dcart is accepting this data?

                  I would call Stone Edge, but I refuse to update my support contract until they become PCI compliant ;-)


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                    Ours are updating.


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                      Thanks, I fixed it by running the Compiler.


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                        Sometimes there will be an error updating status on an order (maybe from some momentary glitch or slowness) and there will be an error in the stack that will prevent anymore updates from taking place until that is cleared. If you go to OM main menu and hit ctrl+shift+s to open the stack controller and clear the errors in the log it will fix this. You can have it send the updates that are waiting also....or if you don't want them to update any longer you can delete them.


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                          Ya, I had tried that, but for some reason the Stack Controller wasn't making attempts at sending the messages to 3Dcart.

                          The OM Compiler fixed it though (as it often does!).