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Lexity Live - Any Feedback / Thoughts Appreciated

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  • Lexity Live - Any Feedback / Thoughts Appreciated

    Seems like 3DCart just added Lexity Live, according to Release Notes - April 2012-

    Lexity Live is at the following url-
    Lexity - 3dcart | Lexity Live | Lexity | Advertising on Autopilot

    The Lexity Live app is at the following url-
    Lexity Live compatible Shopping Cart Software | 3dcart App Store

    Okay, first issue, placing their code snippet in the global header the way they ask you to kills your logo at the top of your site, but we placed the snippet at the footer with no issues and were still able to connect.
    Their site confirmed that after we placed the snippet on the footer we were still able to verify our site.

    We signed up for and set up the Free version.
    Lexity - 3dcart | Lexity Live | Lexity | Advertising on Autopilot

    The free version has a lot of features and it's really free, no credit card required.
    You actually get to see LIVE how many people are on your site, what they saw, how they got there and if they saw the cart. Love this.

    BUT, we are eyeing the $20/month version. It is feature packed.
    Lexity - Overview - 3dcart - Shopping Engines | Lexity | Advertising on Autopilot

    We really liked the feed creation and submission for Google, Bing Shopping and theFind.
    We have been creating and submitting these ourselves.
    Some services out there charge way more for this service, but we all need to know how accurate their service is.
    In addition to creating the feeds, they submit your feeds 4 times a day.

    If you have any feedback, please reply.

    We would love to hear from our fellow 3DCart users.

    Best regards,

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    we can't get our store to import - let it run overnight - didn't answer 1st support request, left a VM and opened one more ticket - if no response in 24 hours it goes in the deleted pile


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      Originally posted by windycityparrot View Post
      we can't get our store to import - let it run overnight - didn't answer 1st support request, left a VM and opened one more ticket - if no response in 24 hours it goes in the deleted pile

      I spoke to someone at Lexity via live chat, according to them, it takes days to import a store with 5000 items (yes, D-A-Y-S)
      It's coming up 5 days, and our stores are still importing
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        Lexity is Part of Amazon?

        Interesting tid-bit about Lexity - They are part of Amazon.

        After joining Lexity the bandwidth skyrocketed, I am on the PowerPlan and that was getting eaten up. So did a little bit of digging, the IP Address is constantly calling the API and eating up the bandwidth.
        Quick lookup on this IP turns out : IP Location: United States Ashburn Inc. Thought that was strange because we don't have Amazon on either of our sites.

        Doing a reverse lookup of gave the IP address: which in turn registered to : Virginia - Ashburn - Inc.

        I removed the API access for surprise surprise calls to the api from that Amazon ip address stopped.
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          Lexity is a Bandwith Hog

          Hello all.
          Just wanted to take back our previous rave about Lexity.

          This thing is a bandwidth hog.
          I don't want to provide exact figures but Good Lord... Unbelievable...

          Seeing what your customers are doing sounds like a great idea but definitely not worth it.

          By the way, the "Live Customer View" doesn't seem to be tied in to the bandwith consumption.

          Lexity keeps coming back repeatedly even when your customers aren't on your site. Why? Who knows. Who cares? Make it stop...

          Only 3DCart will benefit from this when they bill you your bandwidth overage.

          Sadly, it looks like ElegantWeddings noticed it before we did.
          Good job, ElegantWeddings.

          Who ever said, "There is no such thing as a free lunch" was a freaking genius.

          Due to our bad experience with their free feature, there is no way in h**l we're going to pay for even the smallest of their plans.
          Bye Lexity.

          In our humble opinion, STAY AWAY.

          Best regards,
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            Bandwidth Issues

            Hi Elegant and Papa,

            Amit, the CEO of Lexity contacted me over the weekend, and he wanted to let you guys know that they didn't realize that their app would eat away at bandwidth and their engineering team is working on fixing that as a top priority. They take this issue very seriously and they will resolve it. As you know, we generally do not allow our vendors to post in our forum, so they didn't have the opportunity to tell you all that they are going to work on fixing the issue.




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              appreciate you're reaching out on this. My issue with Lexity is 2 fold - not only did the import not complete after running for several days. It took support 21 days to respond to the ticket advising them of the issue - I have the email and response if you would like to see it.

              We simply do not engage unresponsive partners.



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                The issue I see with my site is, when it is enabled, the store logo disappears. Going to disable it for now due to the BW issues and logo issues. Too bad, could have been a decent program.


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                  Lexity reply

                  Hello all.
                  As you can see in the original post, I was the first to rave about Lexity.
                  After the initial rant and rave, we noticed that Amazon was killing our bandwidth allowance, which Lexity uses for their infrastructure.

                  I can assure you that we have no partnership or allegiance with Lexity.
                  That being said, I personally bashed Lexity for their consumption of our bandwidth. Their bandwidth consumption led to an overage, for which we had to pay.
                  I realize that my initial rant / rave for Lexity's service may have swayed some of you to look in their direction.

                  As for rburton34's concern for their store logo-
                  We initially posted "placing their code snippet in the global header the way they ask you to kills your logo at the top of your site, but we placed the snippet at the footer with no issues and were still able to connect."

                  As mentioned above, we have no affiliation with Lexity, nor do we personally know anyone at Lexity.
                  Everyone and every company out there has made their share of mistakes and blunders, especially when we are in the beginning stages. We all need to learn from our mistakes and this forum often gives us the opportunity to share our opinions, which may or may not be accurate.

                  Since we are gracefully afforded the opportunity to post our opinions on this forum, I find it fitting that those we bash be afforded the opportunity to reply to our comments / concerns.
                  3DCart does not allow vendors on this forum, and in my opinion, righfully so.

                  Amit Kumar, the Founder & CEO, Lexity, has personally contacted me with a reply to my concerns and some of yours.
                  Our communications began when closing our Lexity account and under the reason for cancelling, I listed "Excessive Bandwidth".

                  Below I am posting Mr. Kumar's reply. Please note that I have not been promised any compensation and I have no affiliation with Lexity.
                  I am posting the following out of fairness, plain and simple.

                  Amit Kumar, the Founder & CEO, Lexity wrote-
                  Papa, Elegant and Mitch -

                  First off, we are so honored to be part of the 3dCart family. We launched our 3dCart support less than a month back, and to be honest, we've definitely hit some snags. For this, I apologize sincerely, and I wanted to let you know what we're doing about it.

                  1. We hit a few bugs on our side while integrating with 3dCart. This caused the delay in supporting you, Mitch - but we should have definitely communicated more actively with you, while we were fixing these issues. A 21-day reply is unprofessional, and it'll never happen again.

                  2. None of the customers we've had over the last 3 years have had bandwidth issues, and so this caught us off-guard. Papa, Elegant - your stores have tens of thousands of products, which is why the product downloads took a lot of bandwidth, more than would happen for most stores.

                  Incidentally, we download products so we can show, for example, product images in the Lexity Live, and so we can upload your up-to-date feed to Google, Bing and theFind, if you choose to use the Shopping Feed product we have.

                  Here's what we're doing to fix things.

                  1. We've instituted a new policy at Lexity - a personal reply within 1 working day, and constant communication with customers if there are longer-running issues.

                  2. A new design to support stores with a large number of products and bandwidth limitations.

                  2a. Don't download products if the customer is only on Lexity Live. You won't be able to see pictures in Live, but this will reduce the bandwidth burden.

                  2b. If the customer is using Shopping Feeds, allow them to change the catalog download frequency, so they can reduce their bandwidth impact. This way, you can opt for fresh feed uploads (= higher bandwidth) or low bandwidth consumption (= slightly older feed upload)

                  I know all of you might already be soured by the experience. We will work to regain your trust by working hard on fixing these problems for you, and offer you a great product!

                  Amit Kumar
                  Founder & CEO, Lexity


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                    Thanks Papa for posting this. Even though I see it has been addressed to me as well, I would have never known that, now I do, thanks to you.
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