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Facebook connect in IE corrupted

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  • Facebook connect in IE corrupted

    When logging in to my storefront with Facebook connect using Internet explorer I am not only getting a login error message (even though I am logged into Facebook) The store is dumping everything out of the cart

    We've had several customer complaints about this issue. So far support his tried to blame my password manager, but can't explain how my desktop password manager is somehow interfering with Facebook connect (is that possible)

    This is killing my conversion is anyone else experiencing this issue that is using Facebook connect? The ticket is 3 days old and nothing getting fixed

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    I just tested on IE 11.0.96 and the Facebook Connect button worked as advertised.

    I am running 3dcart version 6.2

    Which version of IE are you using?


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      IE version

      I'm runniing IE 10 (Each version gets crappier) but the point is mute as i have customers from around the country who have reported the issue and I cannot control what version they have.

      I think it's in my store FB plugin script but supprt wants to argue that my desktop password manager picked this one and only set of login credentials it has EVER gotten wrong all the while hacking into 3dcart to input these wrong credentails into a 3rd party plug in

      They also failed to notice (we're getting into double digit threads) that when you use the customer's 3dcart store lgo in you get a login error but all the items stay in your cart.

      Not only are we getting the login error with FB connect (while logged into Facebook???) the cart gets dumped - (one tech said "this is normal") that's what rthe screraming call were about 30 mintes to build a cart that gets dumped ant not saved - but this is all the falt of my password mamanger - did I say that? Stick a fork in me - I'm done