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  • Mailchimp VCF file attachments

    I recently discovered that mailchimp is including a file attachment on every confirmation email that goes out to someone who signs up for your list. The file has a vcf extension and is like an electronic business card.

    The customer will see the confirm your subscription e-mail show up in their inbox with a file attachment paperclip. How many people do you think actually know what that file attachment is? I'll admit it was the first time I have ever seen it and I had to look it up. I am worried it will cause a serious decrease in conversions since many folks wont open e-mails with attachments for security reasons. Mailchimp will not let you turn it off.

    Anyone have thoughts on this? The only thing I can think of doing is adding something to the text of the e-mail along the lines of "We've attached an e-business card for your convenience if you would like to add us to your approved contacts".

    Thinking about changing services now.......

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    While I can understand your concern with the attachment, email scanning and anti-virus software is very very good these days. I don't think the mail system will flag it as a false positive for a VCF file. Also, Mailchimp is a very good and very smart company. I doubt they would be doing this if it would compromise their service :)