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  • JQuery loading issue

    OK, so I've been having this issue with Shadowbox JS sometimes working and sometimes not, and have investigated whether other plug ins have this same issue, and it turns out they do. So far I've only found one helpful post, and was wondering if anyone could steer me in the right direction for this solution:

    ". . . the problem is with the theme. It is reloading the jQuery script without checking if it's loaded already. Contact the theme developer to get this fixed."

    That makes total sense to me, as to the intermittent failure, but I don't know how to fix it. Any ideas?

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    Hmm, that doesn't make much sense to me. It's either loaded or it's not. Can you post a link to a page where this happens? Can you make it happen consistently?


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      No that's just it--it wasn't working 5 minutes ago, now it is. It happens on many of my pages, here is just one example:

      Swarovski Accent Options


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        the page you linked doesn't even show jquery as included in your html

        chrome didnt load it as a resource either.

        i would suspect even when it does, that if you are pulling from a cdn there is a small chance (albeit VERY small) that if your scripts are loading back to back shadowbox may load before jquery's request finishes?

        Check your template file and make sure they are of course in the right order. jquery first, then everything that uses it. Also take the time to make sure there aren't more than one version of jquery trying to load. It still works in most cases, but its unnecessary to have two loaded and theres always the chance something goes haywire.


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          Well, here is what's weird, that page works fine for me now. In fact, everything seems to be working fine except for one problem, and that is on the category pages. For some reason shadowbox just doesn't work there.
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            have you checked your version #


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              I'm sorry, I should have posted back. Thanks to customer support, I was able to determine that one of the lines inserted wasn't quite right. It should go just above the </head><body>, then it worked fine!