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  • Inventory re-ordering software

    Looking for such software (no SE )

    All I want is something that gets my stock levels from the site.
    Then compares it to my "re-order points", then creates a list to re-order x amount from such and such supplier.

    Does such software exist? It needs to be simple like that.

    Ordoro, SE and the others do "complete shipping", I don't want all the bells and whistles, JUST the "re-order" software.

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    With Stone Edge you can only use the ordering and receiving part, and it will save you time. It will be nice when 3dCart improves their inventory area to add this ability.


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      I think you'll find you would use a lot more from Stone Edge than you think. It's amazing software.


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        Looks like people are pretty happy with Stone Edge? I need to purchase an inventory software and can't find anything that is affordable that fits our needs. I dont mind purchasing something that is expensive - if it works.

        You guys happy with it?

        Thank you,


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          StoneEdge is extremely powerful but I found it much too complicated. Learning it myself was one thing, but teaching employees to be proficient on it just seemed totally implausible for me. Plus the recurring expenses, which are even greater now than they used to be.


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            I just called their sales line and no one picked up… 3:00 in the afternoon and answer? Hmmm, no thanks… NEXT!

            Thank you for the replay Steven, at least I can't miss what I don't have :-)

            That makes me feel a little bit better.

            Does anyone use an inventory software that they like?

            Thank you,

            This is how I found 3DCart, I went thru 3-4 other companies until I found one that I liked. I love 3DCart, even though I bitch sometimes :-)


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              I think their customer service and setup is beyond horrible.
              I bought it, 10 finally get an "initial setup", 10 days later get the "training/setup".
              So almost a month to get going.
              Repeatedly called them and sent emails to try and speed this up but that was pointless.

              FINALLY got it setup, tried it for a week and decided this wasn't for us.
              Some things I remember:
              Wouldn't see my USB scale, so I had to enter each weight manually.
              Would see my Zebra printer, had to save sipping label as a pdf, THEN send it to the printer.
              It was quite a process JUST to ship orders which I do through SW seamlessly.

              Very complicated, like using excell to add 2+2, or like using Quickbooks for my personal checkbook.

              It may be great for some, but sure wasn't for me.

              Again, customer service was horrible. (I can CALL shipworks and someone answer and helps me immediately)


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                3dCart is adding purchase orders in the next release.

                I agree with SE on how long it takes to get a response. I feel as if I am an explorer figuring out implementation issues, and I don't appreciate having to spend my time doing that.

                My current headache is speed to print. It's taking too long, so I need to figure out how to reduce this.

                The PCI Compliant version of the non-SQL version of SE sounds like a nightmare.
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                  That 3dcart implement ion would be great, if it works right.
                  I'm having incorrect stock counts all the time as is.

                  Shipworks is great, give it a try!