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  • Stone Edge Order Manager user question

    I posted this on the SEOM forums, but no response, so hopefully someone here can help me. :)

    When importing an order, the product name is run together with the options on the invoice. For instance, we currently get the following printed on the description line:

    Item 1111 color: red extra length: No Gift wrap: No

    Obviously, that is confusing to those pulling stock as well as the customer. I really only want "Item 1111, red" to populate.

    Question: If I leave the sku's the same, but change the SEOM name for the product, how can I have that populate the description field (product name) on the invoice? I tried it with one product, and if I enter the order manually on SEOM the new name prints correctly on the invoice. However, when I import that same product from an online order, it defaults to the name that is all run together.

    When I look at the invoice template (Invoice-Simple with Discount) there is no way to access the line that pulls in the sku and name. Obviously, I'm not that Access savy, but have been able to make minor changes to other reports, just not the invoice.

    Greatly appreciate any assistance.

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    The Invoices and Packing Slips pull the product name from the Order Details table. On imported orders, they come from the shopping cart. On manually entered orders, they come from the Inventory table. What you need is a custom invoice report that will pull the name from the Inventory. Because of all of the code behind the invoice reports, that can get a bit tricky. I'm going to look into adding that as a regular option. In the meantime, we can do it for you as a custom report. Give Stone Edge a call for more info.


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      Thanks again, Barney--much appreciated! :)