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Anyway to add "currently on ebay" message to products?

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  • Anyway to add "currently on ebay" message to products?

    I've been fiddling around with the ebay integration and I have it pretty much figured out. My question is if there is anyway to get a clickable button or a link on the product page to let the customer know the item is currently listed on ebay? I thought this would happen automatically, but right now it just shows the "put me on the waiting list" button. I would like to be able to let the customer know it is still available, just on ebay at the moment. Any ideas? Right now I am trying to do something with the not for sale field....

    Thank you very much!

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    I just thought of something else. If 3dcart is generating the listings from my pages, then the content is going to be exactly the same. That is going to cause duplicate content issues in Google isn't it? Can I avoid this by temp. hiding the 3dcart listings for items on ebay and then when the auction is over, unhide it in 3dcart?


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      You can rename your in stock message on your product listing to be "Available on Ebay" or whatever you like. As far as duplicate content, depending on how many items you have, you might want to change up the description on one of the listings. You can also hide the product from searching.

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        Why would you ever want to direct a customer away from your own store and to ebay? I dont understand. I have always worked hard to direct people from our ebay stuff to our store. our store had no final value fees, no paypal fees, and I could even sell a bit cheaper due to those things. Plus they now know you and will look at your site first instead of getting lost on ebay.


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          I just changed the template for the items that are on ebay a bit so some wording wont be exactly the same as my 3dcart store. I then hid those items so they won't show up in my 3dcart store at all. I removed them from my Google shopping feed too. Since the eBay integration pulls directly from your item description in the 3dcart store, I would have to manually change it after its up on ebay to avoid duplicate content. That's even more work. Forcedfabllc, I sell lots of vintage, antique and one of a kind pieces and the stock is only one piece. So I can't have the same item available for purchase in my store and on eBay. As soon as you post it on eBay, it goes out of stock in your 3dcart store and cannot be purchased there (it just shows as being out of stock). I would like to be able to still get the sale if they are shopping on my website. Don't think its feasible though. Now I have to make sure the ebay sales import will work when an item is hidden.


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            Just make your inventory of those items 2 that way one is listed to ebay and one to the store, just keep on top of those items to make sure you delete the inventory when you sell on either platform. I personally have never been able to use inventory for its accuracy as I have no way to pull a live feed. So i just pad items i know my suppliers stock with plenty. Those items I know are stocked in small 1-5 qnty i mark with 2 and set a alert for low inventory so i know to add some when that item sells.

            You could also make your availibily say Item is listed on our ebay store. but again, I would rather have the item be purchased on my own store as its better margin.