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    Wondered what the experience has been selling on Ebay -- only Buy Now mode -- how the integration works, any issues with using third-party shipping platforms (I use ShipStation) for orders pulled in from Ebay. And can you change the price of your items listed on Ebay to cover for Ebay's fees (so that bottom line is the same)?
    Joe Arbogast

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    Hi Birdsafe,

    I have recently integrated some of our products onto ebay, Buy Now mode. The integration works fine as long as your 3DCart path is the same as an ebay path (it took me a while to figure that out). For any ebay orders we receive in 3dcart, I have still purchased the shipping thru ebay. (I have a Stamps account but have not yet used that for ebay orders) Once your product is listed on ebay, you can revise to change any area you need to. e.g.: I have a B&M store, so we do have to collect sales tax in my state and that area does not seem to integrate, so I have to fill that in each time) It creates a little more work to have to revise each item once listed, but I cannot figure out any other way to implement a field that does not integrate. Hope this info is helpful.