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Mandrill going to paid plan and forcing you to pay for mailchimp as well.

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  • Mandrill going to paid plan and forcing you to pay for mailchimp as well.

    I just received an e-mail from mandrill stating they will no longer be offering a free service. According to the email you have to have a paid mailchimp account to use Mandrill starting on 4/27. It also states this (see below) about what Mandrill will be charging which looks like it will cost a minimum of $20 a month? I don't understand what they mean by credits will be sold in blocks starting at $20 a month?
    • Our billing and pricing model is also changing. MailChimp will generate one consolidated bill that covers your MailChimp and Mandrill charges. Mandrill credits will be sold in blocks of 25,000 emails. Blocks will start at $20 per month. This goes into effect once your accounts are merged.
    I only have 216 newsletter subscribers at the moment. So I am on the free mailchimp plan. In order to continue to use Mandrill I would have to upgrade to the smallest paid mailchimp plan which would be $10 a month and then pay an additional $20 a month for Mandrill? Does that sound correct?

    I know that we can set up google apps and use the google email with 3dcart, but would that work with transactional emails? At least that is only $5 per user. Is there a writeup anywhere on how to set it up with 3dcart?

    Things are already tough for me, and I really cannot afford another $360 a year to use the Mandrill service right now. Anyone have any suggestions or recommendations?

    Thanks everyone,

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    Old thread maybe it will help. I use google apps for my mail and I send newsletters with no least I thought it was google apps handling newsletters, perhaps not?


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      I have never been able to get Google Apps to work by adding the credentials to the Mandrill Module. Any tricks for getting that aspect to work?


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        As far as I can remember and it's been since I opened my store a few years ago, I only changed MX records with godaddy because that's where my domain is hosted. Haven't been over there in forever to check all those settings. But everything I send and receive has my google apps email addy on it. If I get a few minutes I'll run over to godaddy and my backend and check all my set up for google apps email


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          We also run Google Apps for e-mail, and Mandrill for transactional. At one time, I had transactionals go through Google Apps, so I know that works, but I would have to tinker again to figure out how to do it. Maybe 3dcart-Alex can find an expert at 3dcart to write a post about this. Would be very helpful for lots of people.