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Mail Chimp reocmmendations and auto e-mails

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  • Mail Chimp reocmmendations and auto e-mails

    Anyone knows if this is possible with 3dcart? 3dcart-Alex

    It is a cool new feature and it looks integrated into the other major carts.

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    We saw that too. I think 3dCart has to update their integration, although I could be wrong. 3dCart's existing integration has been wonderful so far.


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      Yup, I got excited when I saw the e-mail from MailChimp but had to make a frowny face when I saw it was only for Shopify and BigCommerce.

      The only problem thus far with the MailChimp integration is that the "Sign up for newsletter" checkbox in checkout doesn't play nicely with with integration. It seems like it only passed the data to the 3dcart store newsletter, so if people un-check that box, they still get signed up for the MailChimp newsletter, which is not good.


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        I'm very interested in this. I submitted this ticket to 3dcart. I suggest others submit tickets as well. Anyone know how to do this manually?


        I'd appreciate any information you can provide on this. I realize that this would need to make its way to a developer so I don't expect an immediate answer.

        Mailchimp updated some of their functionality to include personalized product recommendations. Currently, they have 4 integration partners which doesn't include 3dcart. 3dcart has integration through the API. To my knowledge, the product data is not being sent via the API integration. This is a very desirable feature. Will 3dcart update the integration?

        Details on how to do the integration can be found here:

        It doesn't look that complicated but it's definitely out of my area of expertise.