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Quickbooks Connector Failing

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  • Quickbooks Connector Failing

    All of a sudden, the Quickbooks connector module is failing. Here is response:

    "I’m really sorry for the trouble you’re having with your Quickbooks module showing an "Error while fetching data". After looking into this carefully and testing it thoroughly, I’m afraid we’ve gone as far as we can within our capabilities here in the Technical Support department.

    This issue was occurring on a few stores and subsequently we’ve opened up a ticket with our developers for further investigation into the matter. These are the guys that actually develop and write the software so they’re able to delve into this deeper than checking for the correct settings and configurations like we here in the technical support team can.

    In any event, the matter has been elevated up to them and we can expect a resolution within the next two to three weeks. Of course, if it’s sooner than that, we’ll definitely let you know!"

    2 to 3 weeks for a solution??? Good to know that they are sorry that their own paid module is failing. I wish I could do business in a dream world where operations can be put on hold for 3 weeks. Res ipsa loquitur.