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    Has anyone used the 3dboost Popup app.

    I know some of you are using other 3rd party popup apps for this, and I would like to know how they might compare to 3dcart's version, and which is better?



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    I use and it works out great -- have no way of comparing, though.
    Joe Arbogast


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      Thanks Joe, I will have a look at that too.


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        Getsitecontrol looks pretty good. Thanks Birdsafe for the suggestion


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          x2 For GetSiteControl. I do NOT recommend 3dboost. :( I subscribed to it a while back and could not make it work. When I got back to the project the other day, nothing I did made it work so I switched to a stock HTML5 theme and it worked. I assumed there was a code snippet or whatever that I needed to add to my theme, so I put in a ticket asking for the code block.

          They responded, after a few days (I did put it as a low priority) that since I had modified my theme, they could not help BUT they really wanted me to be able to use 3dboost, so they gave me a coupon for a free webmaster services install. So, I went to sign up for that and it wasn't free, but it was half off, so I went ahead and paid the $25 figuring that is pretty fair (not 3d's problem to make my theme work for free)

          I got the email yesterday that it was installed, so I pulled it up on my computer and it looked great. I figured I would test it more at home and finalize the settings, but it did not show on my laptop in either Chrome (primary) or Edge. I figured something was whacked on the laptop and did not worry.

          Today I get to the office and it works fine on my desktop in Chrome. I tweak the settings and move on to new projects on the website. I end up having trouble getting my Category Filters to show as well, so as a test, I once again apply the stock HTML5 theme to my site for testing. When I get done with that, I put my theme back and the 3dboost is gone.

          I replied to my original ticket and the tech says it works fine, he even sees the changed I made. No matter what I do, I cannot get it to show on my computer anymore, either on Chrome or Edge. I messaged a few friends and had them try from their computers and NEITHER of them saw it either. (One MAC, one PC)

          Based on what I saw in this thread, I signed up for GetSiteControl and had a widget working on my site in, literally, 10 minutes. Free. And it works on my phone in both browsers there.

          No way I am going to keep paying 3dcart for the 3dbost when it only works randomly on certain computers and a free solution can be made to work in 10 minutes. :( Sorry 3d.