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  • ShipStation

    Anyone else having trouble importing orders into ShipStation today? Stopped this morning -- their tech people are "working on it" -- for about 4 hours now.
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    Joe Arbogast

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    If you have "unpaid" recurring orders shipstation will not import anything. It's a bug as far as I can tell.

    You have to move the unpaid orders to a status that shipstation does not check.


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      Thanks -- yes, we discovered that late yesterday -- I had moved it to Canceled, and I thought ShipStation would ignore that, but apparently not. Had to delete the order.
      Joe Arbogast


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        You don't have to delete the order! They keep telling people that. Just move it to one of your custom status options. You have three I think.

        We named one of them "review" where we put any orders with issues we need to look into. So I just move the unpaid orders there until it's delivered. (Paying the order does not fix the issue)

        Once it's delivered it goes into our "delivered' status (also a custom status) and everything is fine.


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          only issue we are having is the new design - they removed the color differences so now you have absolutely no way to tell what customer who have selected when you go to print a label. You have to stop hesitate and then doublecheck that the customer who have checked is the label you wish to print. I'm told by shipstation that there is a very very very faint blue color which shows you what color is selected. I'll attach .jpgs to show you what I mean. top example has Rita highlighted - can anyone see the blue color telling you it's selected - only way to see it selected is to look for the check mark on the left - when you are dealing with a page fill of names and trying to make sure the checkmark coincides with who you want to check is a real pain for a business. I then did a rough mock to show if we select a customer to work on it should be easily distinquished from the rest of the customers on the page - when you are working with 40 orders, this is a pain to have to triple check that the label you are about to print is correct!

          I swear if you could code and make an application practical for your customers you'd have a job for life.

          Prior to the new version that just rolled out you could distinquish between customer rows as they used 2 different colors between rows and then you could distinquish which customer you selected to print a label. Everything is now army green now and no highlight - shipstation is not user friendly and we've used it for years - here's my forum over there with more details:

          Why would someone allow this type of version to be rolled out - it's very practical from a shipping platform to allow your user to easily know what they are selected. I believe shipstation is a shipping platform but with this rollout, I'm not so sure! If you use shipstation, please let them know the way the platform is now it is not user friendly.
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