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    We are looking for some suggestions on a 3rd party CRM and knowledgebase solution. Our support team is small so we don't need a robust CRM but would like to build a nice knowledgebase that has the same look and feel of our website. Any suggestions are appreciated! This is our first post.

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    Are the built-in CRM and articles not working for you?
    - Dean P. e-commerce and small business consulting


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      The built in CRM has served us well. We've grown to the point where we are looking for something a bit more robust on the CRM side. For example auto-replies and signatures would be nice. The current built in CRM does finally allow for adding saved answers which is helpful but still no html in replies. Also until the customer replies to CRM they don't know they have the ability to send an attachment. Some of the 3rd party CRM offerings are looking much more feature rich and intuitive.

      I was not aware 3dCart had a feature to create a Knowledgebase. If they do and it's a searchable one I would be interested in learning more.


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        Well, you can use it for a lot of things. Basically, you create the main page and then create subpages; the links for these subpages all appear on the main page. See here:

        Looks like this:
        - Dean P. e-commerce and small business consulting


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          I was not aware of this and it's worth looking into. We'll probably want something that can also allow customer's to search the page. Our goal is to create a self help page to slow down phone calls and support tickets. Check out this 3cCart site's support page.


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            If you have Pages Search checked in the Store Search module, then visitors can use the site search to search pages too. The workings for a knowledgebase are there, but it's all very simple.

            That site you linked to is using Freshdesk - their free tier may give you everything you need.
            - Dean P. e-commerce and small business consulting


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              We use zendesk.

              They have a small tier for under three agents that's $2 a month per user. I have one user for myself, and then set up a "sales staff" user for everyone else.

              They also support a knowledge base, but if you want to customize the look you have to pay more.

              The reason I like zendesk is that's it's very email based. From the customers perspective they are just sending and receiving emails, from our perspective that email goes into a whole system. (However you can reply through email as well, which is nice if your on the go.)

              It's really helped us be able to keep track of who's responded to who... What's important, etc.