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Monsoon Stone Edge alternative?

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  • Monsoon Stone Edge alternative?

    Hi all,

    We've been using Monsoon Stone Edge for the past few years, and while it has certainly streamlined a lot of tasks that were previously tedious, it's gotten to the point where the bugs (debug errors, random errors, and one computer can no longer process orders -- unknown as to why) and random headaches with that software has me wondering if anything else exists out there that functions in the same manner, but is more reliable (and preferably cloud based, though not a deal breaker).

    Anything else out there that works in the same manner, but perhaps isn't an astronomically expensive system :)


  • #2
    Just for accounting? If so you could try Sage 50 - there's a cloud-based version.

    If you're looking for ERP software, I know some people who use Brightpearl and really like it - it's cloud based. You can also try Odoo, which used to be Open ERP. I know of more but can't recall them at this moment.

    Oh, and about Stone Edge - I know that at one point there were two versions, the klunky and slow version and the newer Enterprise version that utilized
    an SQL database. If you're on the klunky version you may want to consider Enterprise. Then again maybe my understanding is out-of-date - it's been a while since I used Stone Edge.
    - Dean P. e-commerce and small business consulting


    • #3
      Thanks DeanP ! I'll look into each of those and see if it will work for us. I really appreciate that!

      Looking for more of the ERP features over accounting.

      For Monsoon, we have the SQL database version (I suppose the Enterprise version?)...if that's considered the faster and less buggy one, I'd hate to see what their older version was like! :)

      Thanks again!


      • #4
        JR123 We also use Stone Edge, however I never upgraded to the Monsoon 6.0 and latter versions. We are still on 5.938, I think it was the last stable version prior to the "UPGRADE". Overall it is very stable, and we hardly ever run into bugs, and I have been through lots of older buggy versions.
        It runs on Access not SQL, so it might be slower, but at least it is stable. Maybe you can downgrade.
        One caveat, is that it is not PCI compliant, so you can capture and refund transactions, but I would not recommend processing new transactions through it, although you can.


        • #5
          We are on 7.027 Standard version and we don't have any issues running it.


          • #6
            Thanks elightbox and ohc ! We have Access that runs the program + a SQL database (we're using Version 7.1, PCI), so I'm not really sure what causes the issues...I'm not a technically savvy person to begin with...somewhat, but not tremendously by any means.

            I've thought that it might have to do with running a version that is already 3+ years old (I believe 7.1 was rolled out in 2014), so maybe I should consider upgrading to a more recent version and see what happens. When we first started using the software, I read horror stories of upgrading I was holding off on doing so ("don't fix something that isn't broken"), but now that it seems to be getting buggier by the day, maybe it's worth taking a second look at.

            Thanks again!


            • #7
              Are there even upgrades available? I dropped my support contract when Monsoon couldn't manage to get me converted to PCI and am on 7.0xx.

              I guess they have a new owner, and are working towards a cloud solution, but information is so sparse about the new product(s) on the website and forums, it scares me greatly.



              • #8
                That's a good question DaveW , it's been a while since I've looked in their "download gateway". Way back when, there were options to download future release versions that we weren't using at the time, but it's been a LONG time since I've looked, and I have no idea if that even still exists. I'll have to check it out.

                I started hearing about the sale of their company and a planned cloud based platform a while back, and like you, I've heard virtually nothing since. No updates, no scheduled release dates, no further information...



                • #9
                  StoneEdge has pretty much stopped development of their desktop version. On my download gateway it is still 7.027 (10/15). They are focused on a cloud version. They supposedly released an entry level version of Fusion. However, I don't know anybody using it. Fortunately the 7.027 is working for us. They did a blog post on Fusion in January.


                  • #10
                    Thanks ohc ! I didn't realize that they've stopped development on their desktop version. Looks like I'm either waiting for the cloud based to actually be rolled out, though with an unknown timeline I don't know how long I am willing to wait with our buggy version, or moving on to something else.