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    Just set up my Google Feed. Wondered if others using it could answer a couple of questions:

    1. Have you gotten the "upload" function to work - I get an error whenever I try to use it -- I have to download and manually send the file to Google.

    2. Is there a way to exclude certain products from the feed/publish?

    Joe Arbogast

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    Yes, I've had the upload option working for quite awhile. Actually I just recently setup everything so that google fetches the feed every month rather than doing the upload.

    This what I did to set this up

    3dCart Side

    1. Under the Google product settings I used "" for the server name.
    2. Created a file such as example.txt.

    Google Merchant Side

    1. Create a feed and select "Upload" for the input method.
    2. Then enter the same file name (example.txt) that you created on the 3dCart side.

    After this is done, then go back to 3dCart and generate the feed and finally click the "upload to google" link. It usually takes a few minutes to show this in the Google merchant account.


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      Thanks but whenever I try to upload from 3dCart I get:

      **Google PLA: You can only upload one file every hour. Try waiting at a couple hours before trying to upload the file again.
      Ensure that your filename does not contain spaces. The name of your file should exactly match the name of the filename you registered in your Google Base account.

      Joe Arbogast


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        It would be interesting if someone from 3dCart could comment on this -- 3dcart-Carlos or others -- but I had a ticket open about this issue and the answer was "well, you need to purchase an add-on to make this built in feature to work." I'm paraphrasing the answer, but essentially the "upload" feature of the module won't work unless you purchase the $50/month automatic google feed service ???
        Joe Arbogast


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          Okay -- Support got back to me after asking about this on my ticket -- seems that Google assigns a different Username for FTP and SFTP and that seems to be the issue why I was getting the error. We'll see.
          Joe Arbogast