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    I apologize if my questions (below) don't make sense. I've been sitting in front of this computer for wayyyyyy too long tonight.

    I went into my Webmaster Tools account with Google and noticed that my sitemap had errors. The explanation I could find is:

    1 Paths don't match
    We've detected that you submitted your Sitemap using a URL path that doesn't include the www prefix (for instance, However, the URLs listed inside your Sitemap do use the www prefix (for instance, Help
    Do I need to have two different URL's under Google's Webmaster Tools, one with the "www." and one without? That seems like kind of a pain. Sometimes people are going to use the "www." when creating links to my site, but sometimes they won't. I don't think I'll be able to control that completely.

    Then I noticed my site had no inbound links. I know of at least one (it's a new site, I haven't quite worked on this part yet). Is it because the link that points to my site uses "www." and my Google Webmasters account is under the URL without the "www."

    I guess what I'm asking is do I need to set up two different URL's with Google's Webmaster Tools, ie:

    Thanks in advance. I'm still a newbie to all this and the learning curve is much larger than I expected.


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    I think there is a way in the dashboard to set a preference for your website url. You can choose with/without www