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    A message from Avalara (c/o 3dcart):

    Avalara, the leading provider of tax compliance automation software, is looking for beta testers for their new automated tool to file and remit sales taxes including their 3dcart and marketplaces sales.

    Prepare and file your sales tax returns in just minutes with Avalara. Sync your sales data, filter the imported transactions (from marketplaces) using the Advance Filtering Feature; and Avalara will tell you where, when, and how much to file each filing period.

    As a beta candidate, Avalara will provide their solution for FREE, request you to allow their app to connect to your 3dcart stores, and any other marketplaces; Avalara's team will help and guide you in this process.

    All we ask from Beta testers is for feedback on functionality and your experience with Avalara’s 3dcart Extractor.

    To participate, please send an email referencing this post to [email protected]


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      Quick update. I went through an interview process with the beta team for this new program from Avalara. They seem to be a bit disorganized as to what exactly it is, and how to package it. My rep at Avalara had never heard of it, and when I ended up on a conference call with some of the senior management who are putting the program together, it became readily apparent that they were still trying to figure out what exactly the program is going to be / what it will look like. I even had one of the marketing directors ask me what I would be willing to pay for a service like this, which is weird considering that they were supposed to be making me an offer. After months of going back and forth, they finally put together 'discounted pricing' for me, which was still 70% more expensive than TaxJar is, so I said thanks but no thanks. I understand that Avalara is a preferred integration with 3d, but they are not user friendly for the small / medium sized seller like we are. TaxJar is just simple / easy to use and 'reasonably' priced. Of course, when it comes to sales tax, I don't want to pay anything, but to not have to deal with this BS, pay I will. Hope this helps someone out there...