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Hubspot CRM and 3dcart

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  • Hubspot CRM and 3dcart

    I see there is a Hubspot CRM app for 3dcart,
    Is anybody using Hubspot's CRM free plan? How does it work for you? And cons?

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    Hi ohc,

    I put a similar post in October this year, but no replies - but got about the same views as you!

    Doesn't look like anyone uses it that visits the forum.

    I was impressed by the free version, and will try it with a new site I am currently setting up, which will be B2B.

    I can't give you any feed back yet as I haven't used it, but the reviews and tutorials sound very good so far.

    Good luck with it.


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      I am working with the Hubspot CRM and its integration with 3dCart and the integration is as good as non-existing. There is no direct interaction set up by either side so you have to work around it by using Zapier, or another similar service. There is some potential for an API integration between the two but I am still working on figuring this out. The Zapier works fine for the most part, and I am able to pull in new customers from 3dCart to HubSpot. Customer updates are not as smooth.

      Hope this helps.


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        Hi JayBGT,

        That doesn't sound very efficient.

        One thing I hate is when a free software program is promoted as working seamlessly with another, but they don't.

        Then you spend hours/days trying to get them to work right - but if you paid, it would work immediately. And I truly understand that business is business, but if you want smaller businesses to fork out money on programs, the free versions should work as intended too - without the headaches, how else do you tempt them to upgrade.

        If you get it working like intended, please update us.

        I still haven't started mine yet, hopefully in a few weeks when the website is done.