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  • Alternatives to Shipstation?

    We are running into issues with the 3d cart / shipstation integration and our operations. (Not a 3d cart issue.) Orders sync'd into shipstation can be changed within 3d cart and those changes will be reflected in shipstation for the 1st 24 hours after the initial import. After 24 hours, any changes within 3d are NOT reflected in shipstation. The solution by shipstation is we must put a support ticket in for them to refresh ALL of the 3d cart orders in the system.

    This is not a viable option for us as we are constantly making adjustments and additions to orders in 3d cart for our customers. Is anyone else having issues with this functionality?

    Any alternatives to shipstation that will allow complete sync's of the orders AFTER initial creation?



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    Not sure what changes you are making, but I just made a change to an existing order in 3dCart to the shipping address and then re-ran the order synch in Shipstation and it updated the order just fine. Have never had an issue like you are describing with SS.
    Joe Arbogast