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Abandoned Cart Saver — Helpful for Contacting Step 1 Exits?

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  • Abandoned Cart Saver — Helpful for Contacting Step 1 Exits?

    I assume the exiting shopper needs to have logged in for Abandoned Cart Saver to be able to email the created campaigns? That is, the app does not someone ID the shopper via means other than log in?

    Can someone please confirm?

    We're looking for a way to ID shoppers who leave without logging in. That is, who leave during Step 1 of the process. I take it that a paid DomainTools account is needed (linked to from an Not Completed order: IP Address > View Details)?

    1. Anyone using DomainTools paid service? Do you find you get enough info from the IP search to make contact?

    2. Anyone using any of of the apps from with success? At this point we're particularly interested in manually contacting exiting and already-signed-off potential customers on a case by case basis (luxury items = luxury service, however I'm also interested in feedback on the apps that put up customized offers based on what the person has in her/his cart and/or the page(s) visited.

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