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  • Fastest way to get up and going.

    I am hoping to get some feedback from users that have used 3d cart services for a new store. If so, what services did you use, design, product import or ?? Are you happy with what was delivered, and cost/value? My challenge is lack of time and trying to figure out the best and fasted way to get an existing store up and going.

    Also, very interested in hearing any challenges in integrating with Stone Edge. Did you do the set up, or is there any third party experts available to bet it set up?


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    Hi Chris,
    The fastest way to get started is essentially porting over your existing design, and migrating your database. Starting a new design will typically take 5-8 weeks depending on the complexity, but, migrating an existing design and database would take no more than 1-2 weeks at most. We've performed migrations from other shopping cart solutions like Volusion, GoeCart, BigCommerce, Magento, Yahoo Stores, OSCommerce, etc, and we developed tools to help us do it quickly and accurately.

    As far as Stone Edge, we have a very good integration, and setup is pretty straight forward.
    Gonzalo Gil
    3dCart Support
    800-828-6650 x111