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  • Merchant Account/Payment Gateway

    I am in the very beginning stages of setting up my E-commerce business.

    Do most of you use the Merchant Account Provider that is associated (offered) with 3dCart?

    How are they? Fees seem to be in line with what I have looked at. I am a bit worried that they only provide support during "business hours" but perhaps this is usual.

    I have not set up my business bank account yet, and plan to do that this week. From what I understand, the payments from the Merchant Account are deposited electronically to your bank account.

    Do banks charge a fee for these kind of deposits? Are they considered ACH deposits? I want to make sure so that I don't get set up with a bank that is going to charge me each time a deposit hits my account! I've found local banks that don't charge for regular deposits, just don't know if this was different, or if the bank has to have some sort of special capability (rather than a small community bank).

    Any info. you guys can provide would be very helpful.