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3d.Cart connector with ChannelAdvisor

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  • 3d.Cart connector with ChannelAdvisor

    Does anyone know if there is a connector available between 3d.Cart and ChannelAdvisor?

    If not, there should be. 3d.Cart would make a killing$$.

    ChannelAdvisor manages our inventory plus our eBay, Amazon and account feeds. They offer a locked-down version of ASPDNSF (v.8) as a Premium store solution - but it's is very very expensive and sellers do nothing but complain about it's functionality.

    Netsuite, Yahoo Stores and StoneEdge all have ChannelAdvior connectors. As a last resort, we could use StoneEdge who has a connector with both 3d.Cart and ChannelAdvisor and could sit in the middle. However, it would be nice to link 3dC and CA directly.

    Here's the link to ChannelAdvisor's Developer Network:

    If 3d.Cart is interested, we could arrange credentials to access a test account.

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    Hi Hankster,

    I've been advised by the dev team that (based on your interest and suggestion) we've been in contact with ChannelAdvisor to inquire about the API requirements needed for integration.

    I can't guarantee if or when it will be fully integrated and offered, but we're definitely interested in the prospect and are looking into it.

    Thanks for the suggestion!


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      It's been 2 years since this post. Is there any integration (or plans for integration) with ChannelAdvisor?
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