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    Even though I'm a current customer I'm posting this in the Pre-Sales area because it was a topic that was brought up prior to me signing up :D

    While talking with my sales rep he mentioned that in the next release there was going to be a feature added where, using 3 fields in the DB, we could create a filter for our products. This was appealing because it would allow for the user to get a search result based on some set paramaters.

    A drop down box where the user selects:
    Field 1: 2008
    Field 2: Ford
    Field 3: F150

    Would return a result of products that met that criteria.

    The conversation took place before 3.2 and I'm wondering if that's still in the works or if it has been benched?

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    Big kisses if this is planned for implementation


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      Agreed it would be a great addition and was one of the reasons I picked 3d.


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        Same here...would love to see this added.

        Is it in the feature request portal?


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          Originally posted by lml View Post
          Is it in the feature request portal?
          I didn't look there because I was told it was already in the works. I figured that by posting in the Pre-Sales area a 3d rep would respond.