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    I am currently a Monster Commerce user and would like to make the switch to 3D Cart, but I have a question as to how products with options are handled. Currently, I can add as many options as I need (usually 4) for a product, but then in order to maintain inventory I must go to the advanced variants page and manually create a product number for each one--in some instances, it can mean I have to manually enter 150 product numbers! Since I have about 1300 products, that can take some time. I see that 3D will allow me to enter my options, and maintain inventory count, but does it automatically generate the product numbers or do I have to do it? For instance, parent product is 111, but with 4 options the product would become 111-green-01-32. Greatly appreciate any feedback!

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    You don't have to enter your own part #'s, they are optional. However, if you don't enter a part #, then the parent part # will show, so you'll have to go by the product name to determine which product to ship.


    Part #1000 - T-Shirt Color: Green Size: M

    and if they ordered Size L and color Yellow, part # would still be 1000. The inventory is taken care of correctly in 3dcart's side, but the part # will be the same on invoice, etc. So if you need the part # to be a particular number, then you need to enter them, if not, you can leave them blank.


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      Thank you. Can you do a bulk import of those item numbers and assign them to the proper category? I am SO trying to get out of having to type in all 90,000 product numbers by hand!


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        Yes, you can use the import utility to upload your products along with id, name, price, category etc.

        Options are in a different file, so you would need to upload 2 files, 1 for the products, and 1 for the options.


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          Great news! Thank you so much!