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  • Ability To Take Deposits

    Is there any plan to add a functionality that allows for pre-order with a deposit?

    Let's say I want to do a 500.00 pre-order with a 10% non-refundable deposit billed at the time of order.

    That would be great ;-)

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    I would also like to see this sort of functionality. Our situation may be slightly different; we need the ability to take deposits on back-ordered products. e.g. we have a product for $2000 and when it is back-ordered we require at least 50% down to order one.

    Currently for this example we do a discount for the $1000 they are going to pay when we ship, then charge for the remaining $1000. We then make a note in the completed transaction that they owe $1000 and we move it from 'New' to a custom status of 'Partial Payment' so we know it needs to be paid.

    This does not seem like an efficient process.


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      We use with the CIM (Customer information manager)... this allows their credit cards to be saved.

      Lets say the total cost is $500 and you want to take a 10% deposit. When the order comes in then you would just capture $50 of the 500 authorized.... then when you ship the item you can do a NEW transaction with their saved cards for the remaining $450.

      You do this new transaction under the "virtual terminal" in the "actions" menu.

      The only downside to this is that they have to have the full amount in their accounts at the time of purchase.

      To get around this, you would just set the price at the $50, and in the description say its a deposit. Then again, make a new transaction when you want for the remaining. remember the key to all this is the saved card information in the CIM, it allows you to create new transactions on their behalf at a later date.

      CIM costs an extra $20 a month from