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  • VPN hosting (Dedicated Shared)

    Does anyone use this plan and is willing to give feedback? How does it compare to the lower plans? Did you notice any noticeable improvement in the site responsiveness and stability??

    We need more processing power and a more stable solution. Our site has been up and down endlessly the past few weeks and the site feels a bit sluggish when working. Support cannot pinpoint the issue. They are working with us to resolve this.
    I am wondering if our server is overloaded with sites or if there is one or more sites sucking all the resources.
    We are currently on the power plan, and I am thinking maybe the Dedicated-Shared plan would offer more stability and responsiveness. However I cannot find any information about this plan or any of the plans for that matter other than bandwidth. I know the amount of RAM available makes a huge difference in responsiveness, or how many VPNs are on a server, but the plans do not mention anything in this regards.

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    I'd be interested in any info on this too. I am on the Power Plan as well and sometimes the site just becomes totally unresponsive for several minutes at a time.


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      I assume you mean the Enterprise Premium Dedicated Shared for 199/mo?

      I am on this plan.

      I switched from a Miva Merchant store to 3DC and went live about a year ago.

      I am happy with most things.

      Speed wise when he site slows I always have to say something to the support staff. Inevitable I get a "I have submitted it to the network team" or a "we don't see anything wrong."

      Submitting graphs from a monitoring service to prove the slowness helps prove your point. (I use site24x7 - if you try it use my link so I get credit -

      I do find it annoying that I have to say something.

      When I was with one of the top Miva hosts if the site was slow - typically a customer would tell me the site was sluggish - by the time I called they already knew and were fixing it. Ten minutes later it would be fixed. They explained to me that there are certain management functions that Miva ISPs have to do to keep systems healthy.

      With my most recent case a on 5/17, despite me saying something several times before over the last few months, clearly nothing significant enough was done. While everything started to speed up it wasn't until a few days later that it changed dramatically. By 5/21, the response time of my site dramatically improved by a factor of 50!

      No one tells me what they did to make this dramatic fix.

      The last time it happened about a month into my site being live they had to move me to a new server.


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        Brigadegames, thank you for your feedback. What you are saying sounds extremely familiar to me. I was finally moved to a new server and so far so good. I am not sure what was wrong with the old one, or what is better with the new one, I am told it is configured differently! I am just happy that something was done because it is frustrating to see your site failing over and over and no one noticing or keeping a record.
        I was hoping the Shared-dedicated would offer better stability but it seems that you are experiencing similar issues.


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          A Semi-Dedicated plan would certainly improve performance. Availability/speed is always a key metric.

          I think what bothers me is that unless I actually suspect there is a problem and report it (or a customer does), I am not sure that anything is actively being done to watch these server performance issues. When I report them to support they tell me they have forwarded the issue to the server team who one assumes are responsible for the hardware.

          Sometimes I feel like I am being brushed off like they don't believe me. Obviously, eventually someone (the network guys?) realize?/confirm there is an issue and something happens and my performance increases dramatically. This can take a day or two and I am not informed what transpires or caused the problem or how they fixed it. Of course knowing would be great as every hosted cart system has its own quirks and having a better understanding to what could be the problem is important in troubleshooting future issues.

          More transparency from 3DC would certainly help. Some sort of performance dashboard would be great to see as well.


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            I have started using which offers a free account to check one website. It can provide a graph of uptime and response time checked at one minute intervals, and also send email alerts when the site is down. You can use this to point to support and show them that there is definitely a problem.


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              We're on a dedicated server and haven't seen anything like you've mentioned. We do have some speed issues, but it's due to heavy traffic. It was suggested we look at cloudflare to help.